About The Zombie Archive

The Zombie Archive grew out of a love for the zombie: its centrality in our cultural imagination, as a source of anxiety and fascination, and the filmic, literary, and artistic representations it engenders. This site will be a comprehensive source for lovers of the zombie as well as zombie scholars to find all literature, film, art, cultural events, and scholarly sources surrounding the zombie in all its manifestations.

About Me

I am a doctoral candidate in the English department at the George Washington University in Washington, DC. My dissertation examines the desire exhibited in late-twentieth century and contemporary Latina/o literature and cultural productions for a post-apocalyptic, utopian world. In this project, I intend to point to the ways in which Latina/o literature pushes against current notions of social justice and cultural visibility, by presenting alternative solidarities and geographies that provide ancillary possibilities beyond conciliatory notions of incorporation and regeneration within American culture. My research interests include Latin a/o literature and culture, formations of race and gender, monsters and monstrocity, apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic literature and visual culture, queer theory, and spaciality, to name a few.

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About DH Working Group

The George Washington Digital Humanities Working Group was founded in 2013 by PhD students in the English Department. We are scholars from a variety of fields, including Victorian Studies, Latino Studies, American Literature and Culture, and Medieval and Early Modern Studies, interested in the history of the digital humanities and current discussions happening in the field. As scholars in the humanities, each of us has a specific DH project and/or archive which we are building. This blog was started as a forum in which we could address our experiences, joys and/or frustrations as we bumble through the field, discovering and learning new tools, software, and materials to build our projects; an interactive site where we could come together to expand our knowledge in the field.

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