Zombie Literature

This page is currently under construction, but soon will soon include a full a comprehensive list of all "literature" about zombies, that contains zombie references or characters, plot synopsis, and scholarship on each work.


The Dissertation Timeline

This timeline traces major movements in travel literature and tourism from the Napoleonic War until the First World War.

Chapter 1. "What Ought to Be Seen: Murray, Baedeker, Ruskin, and the Guidebook Industry"

This chapter examines the history of the guidebook from early prototypes, such as John Chetwode Euastace's 1802 A Classical Tour through Italy, which Dickens lampooned in Little Dorrit, to the restricted travel of the First World War and the demise of Murray's Handbooks for Travellers in 1915.

A complete abstract is coming soon.

John Ruskin's Mornings in Florence: An Interactive Guidebook

When Ruskin began writing Mornings in Florence, he wrote in his diary, "Lay long awake planning my attack on Murray." Ruskin was irritated at what he called the "tourist hurry" encouraged by Murray's Handbook for Travellers, and took great delight in pointing out its flaws and inaccuracies. A large portion of Ruskin's criticism was class-based: Murray's was the guidebook of choice (and for decades the only guidebook, as we know the term today) for the uneducated masses brought to Europe by Thomas Cook and others. Ruskin wanted to produce a guidebook for the cultured upper-middle-class traveller, like himself. The result is that much of his own book is a commentary as much about Murray as it is about Florence. In the years following Mornings in Florence'a publication, E. M. Forster had as much to say about Ruskin as Ruskin had about Murray.

Ruskin's short chapters were meant to be "in the places which they describe, or before the pictures to which they refer," but most of his readers today are scholars or armchair travellers, neither of which may have the extensive knowledge of Florentine art to know every fresco or tomb to which Ruskin describes. This interactive edition of Ruskin allows these readers, for the first time, to see the sights he describes. I have also cross-referenced original passages from Murray and Forster.

You can read more about the planning and building of this project on my blog.

Chapter 2

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Chapter 3

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Chapter 4

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